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Sanchez Sierra, S.A., we are a Malaga company dedicated for more than 50 years to the manufacture, sale and repair of sports such as billiards, soccer tables, ping-pong, aeroplays, electronic dartboards, and accessories such as cues, balls, chalk, recreation equipment , iron bars of soccer table, players, darts, etc.
In the early years working as an individual and from 1978 as S.A.
Since the early years and even today the company motto was and is "Think and work to improve the quality and service to our customers," service to get more than 10,000 customer records we have achieved through these years in peninsular Spain, Ceuta, Melilla, Canary and Balearic Islands off Spain and Portugal, Morocco, France, Britain, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, etc ... all this we are getting through our work and perseverance and we are the only manufacturer in Andalusia and the truth is that the Andalusian while says he supports Andalusian companies to us is costing us a lot trying to survive in Spain and out of Spain costing us every day, and not for lack of desire, the aid provided has been minimal.
Regarding the quality, suffice to say we started making a football table only and today we have over forty models that can manufacture both football table, ping-pong, billiards, and electronic darts and cranes machines in different dimensions and sizes.
In 1997, we introduced a new product line consisting of electronic dartboards, of which we are very pleased by the reaction to it among our customers, so much so that once extended to three different models of electronic dartboards, this date quite marked our company that radically change our production system, as we incorporate new equipment to our facility, for designs and working parts and computer models and numerical control.
Our production is artisanal, semi-artisanal and small series to order, that is, we are ready to manufacture everything for our sector.
In soccer tables manufacture several models, styles, qualities and sizes, made of varnished wood, formica covered wood in boards with speakers manual and electronic mechanisms singing goals and games, soccer tables highlighting a departure from the traditional, usually a soccer table has eight bars and four people play, and in this model include our play six with twelve bars.
This soccer table we have recorded in the Patent Register in our name, and the name Sierra Sanchez Billiards, Billiards Sierra and our anagram. Soccer tables also manufacture fiberglass exterior.
In carom billiards manufacture a very wide range, from the economic class that are removable, to commercials that manufacture in different sizes and qualities, in melamine board, solid wood, lacquer, metal frame the modern lines championship and elegant.
The turned wood legs very solid and classic elegance, down to what we consider our jewel, the Empire Pool table model, which can manufacture custom and as the exclusive model under plane and drawing, as directed by our clients.
From this pool we emphasize quality, beauty and design line apart from its multifunctionality.
It is made of South American mahogany, with turned legs and all hand carved in the stature include, in each leg, at the top, has carved the logo of the company on solid wood.
This table shows the present in which we participate in as exhibitors and the year in which the present was new, emphasizing above all else there exposed, having great impact on the industry trade press.
Multifunctionality, used to play pool, putting a lid used for dining table and desk, as it is provided with sliding wooden drawers. The wings come out drawers and center drawer and when we sat down to work on the table, the center drawer is moved inward, so we will not bother your knees and so is not on the floor or on a furniture.
Many of our billiards, covering with a lid can be adapted to serve as a dining table, meeting, etc ...
Since we are a company continually evolving and creativity to meet all needs and requirements of the sector is so after a hard work, we work every day to introduce new models.
Our company has so far been fighting and competing with all companies, both Spanish and foreign, in this sense have spent long hours of work and have a great imagination and enthusiasm put into our work, but who has the last word is the customer and hope that they have a very good reception all our products.
At present and looking forward Sánchez Sierra is becoming a family business run by Fernando Sierra Gil and with him his three sons Fernando, María and Cristina Sierra Fernández, and facing the future we face incorporating a new range of products between which would emphasize ping-pong, billiards aeroplays and combined industrial and domestic use, new billiards carom and with them a wide range of accessories and our newest addition infant equipment.
Ultimately we want to grow as a company calling every door possible.
In these last days we are adding to our catalog billiards and soccer tables highly advanced and futuristic design, made of glass, acrylic material and hardwoods, these devices are very important brands, as well as tacos, chalk, cloth, balls, etc. world-famous brands.
Málaga, September 2014

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